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Got great result, Have increase strength and lean muscle weight, Have gained around 3 kg lean muscle in month, Awesome product


PRODUCT USED : Whey hydro x/1.8kg/chocolate

October 21, 2015


Great energy during the use and fat loss journey become easy as hunger craving felt reduce during the transformation.


PRODUCT USED: Shred 2 kit, livosee xt live ditoxt, omega-3

October 21, 2015

Shalik Hunk

I started my journey from 94 kg 50 days before.. i thinking about fat loss.. last many months and then i join maxener wellness the c.e.o of maxener wellness advice me to do fat loss.. and shape up my body.. arbaaz khan c.e.o of maxener wellness help me every time when i need.. they give me effective diet and workout ideas every week. and after 50 days… i achieve my goal with maxener wellness supplements i use Maxener shred 2 sachet (fat loss).

October 21, 2015

MItul Solanki

I was always an athlete from my school time but due to this corporate life when my weight got increased I didn’t get to know….So it was a realization point for me when I use to play cricket or football and took this matter seriously. This is my 2.5 months transformation which is still going on…

Product Which Was I Used For Me

  • Whey Hydro-X
  • Aminator

Mobile Number: 7621038575

My Age: 25

My Weight: 67

My Goal: Fat Loss

October 21, 2015

Anand Solanki

Transformation …here is my one the best clients Anand Solanki’s transformation of 6 months (lean
muscle gain)…keep going bro..best of luck for your fitness journey transformed with us


Products Used: Mass Xtream,Whey X, WheyIso x, Whey Hydro x




October 21, 2015

Arbaaz Khan

Transformation is a must

Product Which Was I Used For Me

  • Whey-X
  • Whey Hydro-X
  • Multivitz
  • Omega 3
  • L-Glutamine
  • Pre-Core

My Age: 22

My Weight: 88

My Goal: Fat Loss

October 21, 2015

Raj Ghandhi

Tuesday Transformation upload e….journeyfrom weight loss to muscle gain of my
enthusiastic client Raj Gandhi with Maxenerwellness…


Product Used: Shred 2


October 21, 2015

Bolenge Nahi Karke Dikhayenge Transformation Challenge