4 Ways to Make Time for Walking

September 7, 2022

4 Ways to make time for walking:

Walking is more than just a mode of travel. Walking at any speed is a way to improve health, burn calories, and reduce the health risks of inactivity. Taking time out to exercise or walk is not always easy, but in any case, some people make walking and weight loss their top priorities. Walking and weight loss often complement each other, but many people think they don’t have time.
To motivate you to find time and make a schedule to walk, here is how to make the most of walking exercise and change your daily activities.


1. Walking before and after meals:

Walking before breakfast in the morning is one of the best ways to start the day, rain or shine, light or dark. We like to think of morning walking as something that doesn’t require net time because even if we spend 20 or 30 minutes walking, our increased productivity in the next two to three hours will make up for the time spent walking. Lunch and dinner are also good opportunities to add a little walk to your schedule. According to a study conducted in Kyoto, Japan, walking after meals can help reduce the peak triglycerides that usually occur after high-fat meals.

2. Walking with friends:

Walking with friends can be a social activity. You don’t need a computer to enjoy walking, but it can be a great way to connect with others if you want. Walking alone or with your dog is a great way to exercise quickly or rest longer, but you can also make walking friends or join a walking club.

3. Pick up the race:

The greatest health benefit is walking quickly. This means that the ideal speed is about 3 to 5 miles per hour (12 to 20 minutes per mile). Judging from your breathing, you should walk at a sufficiently intense speed to be able to have a conversation, but you should not be able to sing. If you can sing a song, stop singing and speed up to pick up the race.

4. Stick to a Regular Walking Schedule:

Insisting on walking regularly is good for many health conditions. It is recommended that patients with arthritis and diabetes walk five times a week for 30 minutes each day. It is recommended to walk regularly to prevent or control many health conditions. If you are not familiar with the walking exercise, gradually increase the walking time and speed, and start with 10-15 minutes of walking. Once you feel good, add a few minutes each time you go out. Remember to win the game slowly and regularly. Walking at any speed is much better than sitting. Yes, walking is a real pleasure.

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