How To Make Decisions At Any Point In Life

September 9, 2022

How To Make Decisions At Any Point In Life

Do you feel a sense of pressure when you have to make decisions? Even deciding the menu or a holiday destination seems like a task. Well, you are not alone. There are many of us who find it difficult to make decisions. Why not try to be an expert at decision-making?

1. Don’t be afraid of taking risks:

The fear of the consequence or the outcome of a decision hinders us from being decisive. This should not be so, as most outcomes are not in our hands. Many times, we miss out on big opportunities because we are not willing to take a risk. So, get out of your comfort zone. You will be happy you did.

2. Analyze the pros and cons:

Even though the outcome of our decisions is not in our hands, we can improve our chances. This is done by trying to make the best decision possible after weighing the pros and cons of each probable decision. We should take the emotional, social, and economic aspects of every decision into account before making our minds up.
 Suppose you get a job offer at a firm that is far from where you live. You will have to consider your financial situation, the financial benefit of taking the job, and even your safety since taking the job means getting back home very late at night.

3. Some Decisions Have to be Spontaneous:

There are certain decisions, like buying a dress or deciding what to eat and where to eat, that can be spontaneous. These decisions are usually influenced by our mood and have no long-term impact on our lives.
Sometimes, this can apply to big decisions, but not always, as big decisions have to be thought through.

4. Do not overthink:

Overthinking is the root cause of almost every problem. Anything that keeps revolving in our mind actually hampers our decision-making capability. Why? Because we are incapable of deciding. which decision is the best because we are imaging multiple scenarios, some of which are not even possible.In other cases, we equate the situation to our past. causing us to be afraid to take that step forward.

5. When in a dilemma, go with your intuition:

When you have to decide between what your mind says and what your heart says, always go with the heart. This is because, at a subliminal level, we usually know what to do. It is this knowledge that forms the basis of our intuition.
In my personal experience, our intuitions are usually correct most of the time. So if you are having a negative feeling about something, step back.

6. You cannot always make the right decision:

It is not possible to always make the right decision, no matter how much you want it or think about it. This is because no one is capable of having all the facts at hand, nor can we see into the future to see the real consequences of our decision.

There are certain decisions in life you want to be perfect, just the way you imagined, but life is not like this. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, and you will have to take both in stride.

There is a saying: “If things happen according to your will, it’s good. But if things do not happen according to your will, then it’s even better. Because then things will happen according to God’s will, and God will always want your good.”

7. Give the ear to all, but the tongue to none:

Listen to everyone, take suggestions, but stop if you feel the suggestions are beginning to confuse you more. The essence of asking for an outside opinion is to aid your decision-making; it is, therefore, counter-productive if the opinions confuse you instead. This is why the final decision must be yours; do not outsource the responsibility or allow anyone to influence you negatively. For example, when you buy a dress you like, there are those who will praise your decision and say how beautiful the dress is. There are those who would question why you bought such a dress. These negative reviews do not mean you should decide to return the dress.

The decision is yours and yours alone. We are humans, and we make many decisions in our lives. Even if the decision turns out to be bad and lands you in trouble, it doesn’t mean that you stop taking it. Never be afraid of taking risks; at least you won’t have regrets on your deathbed. Because life is all but uncertain, none of us know where we are going to be in the next moment.

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